Rayleigh Research

We are developing new more efficient means to produce specialty trading algorithms with our pro­prietary software. The platform to-be-launched is a mixture of unique features that will shape the future of automated trading. Apply to become a beta tester: info@rayleigh.re


Team of a size six people consists of academic and industry expertize, financed by a group of UK-based investors. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, working across borders around the world, we are always looking for hiring good new talent. If you feel you are highly motivated to work in our field, even remotely, get in touch with us (no consultancy-based work offered). Or if you would like to seek collaboration with us in the realm of financial markets, especially on trading infrastructure and data, you are also welcome to contact us by e-mail.


You are most welcome to apply if you have solid experience in backtesting engines and are interested in market microstructure and high-frequency trading. Now explicitly seeking a person:

1. Well-versed in Scala programming with substantial backtesting experience.

2. Interested in developing descriptive language solutions. Details available upon request.