Rayleigh Research

Rayleigh Research are developing a highly scalable learning testbed framework for intraday trading algorithms that apply state-of-the-art technologies. The platform offers new features that will shape the future of automated trading. Request a demo or join as a beta tester: info@rayleigh.re


The team consists of professionals with academic and practical experience; many of the current team members hold a PhD degree in a quantitative field, such as econometrics, theoretical physics, and statistics. The intelligent software solutions have been built in-house and are maintained by seasoned professionals. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, working remotely across borders around the world, Rayleigh Research welcome new talent; to be considered, interest and knowledge of financial market infrastructure, high-frequency data sets, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and novel technological solutions are sought after. Seeking also synergetic collaborations with any relevant exchanges, data providers, and industry professionals.


Rayleigh Research are currently seeking individuals especially with:

1. Experience in Scala programming in financial market context.

2. Experience in developing descriptive language (DSL) solutions.

3. Great skills in frontend development and strong UX focus.